Pizza, but make it Valentine’s

On my way home from work, my partner texted me suggesting I should get a pizza crust ready. He had picked up the supplies for a buffalo chicken pizza, and knowing I’m the household skilled baker, that I could tackle the crust for us. Of course, the message ended with a thoughtful, “if you wouldContinue reading “Pizza, but make it Valentine’s”

Spooky, but make it cute

October has arrived and what better way to feel festive than with a garland fit for the season?! Today’s #createalong features this DIY Ghost Garland. Looking for that perfect instagram worthy decoration? Look no further with this BOO-tiful decoration. To start, a few things you’ll need: -Print out ghost shape-White and black felt-Poly-fil -Sewing pins-HotContinue reading “Spooky, but make it cute”