Spooky, but make it cute

October has arrived and what better way to feel festive than with a garland fit for the season?!

Today’s #createalong features this DIY Ghost Garland. Looking for that perfect instagram worthy decoration? Look no further with this BOO-tiful decoration.

Spooky, but make it cute.

To start, a few things you’ll need:

-Print out ghost shape
-White and black felt
-Sewing pins
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-Needle and black thread
-Optional: pom-poms

What’s great about this decoration, is that most any ghost shape will do. In fact you can even change up the ghost style to add dimension to your garland. To spice up my garland, I added fun pom-poms in between my felt ghosts.

Step One:

Cut out ghosts using white felt. Create as many as you want, best in odd numbers so one can be centered when hanging.

Pro tip: double up your felt to cut two pieces at one time for a matching pair to sew together. This also speeds up the process.

Step Two

With two pieces of felt together, use a blanket stitch to sew the pieces together. Make sure your stitches are even and maybe even practice on some scrap felt.

Blanket stitch close up

Step Three

Continue to stitch all the way around until you reach the bottom. Important not to fully close the felt since you will need to stuff the ghost with poly-fil.

Stuff the ghost and then continue using the blanket stitch to close the shape. Tie off at the end with a secure knot.

Stuffing the ghost

Step Four

Cut out small oval shaped eyes from black felt. Remember you can always double up your felt when cutting to make both eyes the same shape.

Use hot glue to attach the eyes to the felt.

Close up: hot gluing eyes

Step Five

Using your black thread, now you can create your ghoulish garland. Measure the length of garland you want and double up the thread for strength.

Attach your ghosts by sewing through the shapes to place on garland. I alternated pom-poms between my ghosts for an added decor touch.

When finished, tie your end strings and hang around your home!

Finished ghost garland

Ready to create your own? Download this template for instructions and a ghost cut-out to start with!

Thanks for creating along, I hope you had a ghoulish time creating with me today.

Until next time,

Gracie Love

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