Going Bat-ty

2020 has got me going bat-ty!

This year has been crazy, I think we can all agree that 2020 has made us all start to feel a little bat-ty. Whether you’ve been isolated or feel stuck at home, here’s an easy way to add a spooky addition to your home just in time for Halloween.

Scrolling through Instagram, I’ve noticed so many homes have been styled with these wonderful bat decorations. I’m sure you’ve seen them, they cascade across a wall and over decor; making any space feel dynamic. After researching these items and searching for them myself, I realized I didn’t want to shell out a ton of money for seasonal decor I may only use this year. I then thought, “Well wait, I can figure that out.” And so here I am, having figured out how to make my home a little more bat-ty and help you spook-ify your home too.

DIY this popular home trend with simple materials

For this project all you need is:

-Sturdier sheets of black felt
-Scissors (you’ll want these to be sharp!)
-Bat shape for a guide (download my printable PDF for three different sizes)

Use the guide below to cut out your own bat shapes, the more the merrier!

Have fun and use a couple of sizes to create a dynamic display. Attach them to your wall with Command adhesive strips for an easy way to display. Share your creations by sending them to: gracielovecreates@gmail.com or using #createwithgracielove on instagram.

Thanks for creating along, stay spooky friends!

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