Sweater Weather

As the weather gets colder, what better way to enjoy those snowy days at home than with the perfect pair of earrings. As a self-proclaimed polymer clay junkie, I couldn’t think of a better project than to show you how to knit with clay. All you’ll need for this project is a space to work on, polymer clay, and some simple tools. The best part about clay knitting?! It’s a lot more forgiving than working with yarn and needles.

Tools and supplies:
Clay roller
X-acto knife
Nail or pintool
Cookie cutter
Polymer clay
Finishing tools

The first step is to condition your clay. Conditioning polymer clay makes it easier to work with, I condition my clay by pressing it between my hands. If your clay is too stiff to do this, I usually will roll my clay multiple times until it starts to feel more flexible.

Conditioning Clay
Conditioning Clay

After conditioning your clay, it’s time to begin. Roll multiple skinny snakes to act as your yarn. Try to keep these equal in length and thickness for an even looking knit. The best way to roll a long snake in polymer clay is to move your hands across the snake as you create it.

Rolling Snakes

Once your snakes are made, you are ready to knit. Choose two snakes and press them together at the top. Twist the snakes clockwise and press every once in a while to ensure they stay connected. The second set of snakes, turn counter-clockwise, this helps you make a knit stitch look when they are stacked together.

After you have enough snake twists built, you can start clay knitting. Slightly press together twisted snakes that are twisted oppositely. Keep connecting until you have enough for what you are creating. At this point, I recommend rolling out a very thin slab and laying your clay knitting on top. Use a roller to lightly press down the clay knitting to connect it to the block. For rounded edges, use plastic wrap over the clay when using a cookie cutter to get the desired shape. Bake according to the instructions of your polymer clay and finish to your desire.

I finished my sweater weather hats by rolling a ball to create a poof. I used a nail to lightly create a dotted texture and then placed a hole in each piece to be able to connect the hats. I added sterling silver earring backs and wore these around the fire. Although we may not be able to go anywhere during the pandemic, who says you can’t dress up to stay in?

Thanks for creating along, I’d love to see how you chose to clay knit. Share your photos in the comments or #createalongwithgracielove on social media.

Until next time,

Gracie Love

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