Season’s Greetings

What better way to greet someone to your home than a seasonal wreath? Although you may not be hosting guests this year due to the pandemic, your front door could use some seasonal sprucing up. This year I fell in love with a large container of pink and mixed metallic ornaments at the store. Luckily for me, my partner was more than happy with the change in ornaments on our tree. The pack had almost 50 ornaments, which is way too many to cover our tree. I knew just what to do with the extras and have created this tutorial for you to add a touch of the season to your front door.

Create-along and make your own ornament wreath

To create this wreath, you will need hot glue and Christmas ornaments. Place ornaments in a circle depending on how large you want your wreath. It may be easiest to have a large bowl or circle shaped item to hold all of the ornaments. Use hot glue to connect each ornament in a circular fashion. I found it easiest to use a sharpie to mark the perfect connection when I started to add more ornaments to complete the circle.

Once your wreath is glued and connected, add a ribbon so it can hang. I chose a beautiful blush velvet, but pick what is perfect for your preference. My ribbon was larger so I chose to create a smaller finished look by gluing it together. I then added to cuffs for some visual detail and my wreath was ready to hang.

I chose to hang my wreath inside on a mirror. The possibilities are endless for places to hang your wreaths and the ability to bring matching decor around the home is endless. I know that for future holiday seasons, I will make sure to pull out this wreath and spruce up the space inside our home with some matching decor to our Christmas tree.

Thanks for creating along,

Gracie Love

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