Pizza, but make it Valentine’s

White pizza and Buffalo Chicken pizza

On my way home from work, my partner texted me suggesting I should get a pizza crust ready. He had picked up the supplies for a buffalo chicken pizza, and knowing I’m the household skilled baker, that I could tackle the crust for us. Of course, the message ended with a thoughtful, “if you would want pizza?” If I want pizza?! Pizza has always been my biggest weakness. I would eat pizza for three meals a day, seven days a week. So of course I was in.

Now you may be thinking, “wait…I thought Gracie was gluten and dairy free?”

And I’m here to let you know, that pizza can be all of those things. Have I tried all of the different store bought crusts? Yes. Were they good? I will tell you right now, I do not have plans to buy any of those concoctions ever again. They just were not my favorite, so here I am, to help you accomplish your gluten and dairy free pizza dreams.

Start by gathering your supplies, I grabbed my most trusted pizza crust recipe. Prior to being gluten and dairy free, when the pandemic required a stay-at-home order, my partner and I purchased a 25 lb. bag of flour. Let’s just say, pizza was one of our go-to’s as we stayed home. So trusted recipe, definitely, but the concern was, how would a gluten free flour react in it? After some reading, Bob’s Red Mill suggested not to use their 1 to 1 Flour because of the yeast in the crust, so I grabbed my Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour.

Pizza dough recipe:

2.5 cups of flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill GF All-Purpose Baking Flour)
1 packet of rapid rise yeast (make sure it is GF if needed)
1 tsp of salt

Mix 2 cups of flour with dry ingredients and set aside

1 cup warm water (make sure it is not too hot or it will kill your yeast!)
2 Tblspn Oil ( I used organic Suncoco)

Add wet ingredients until combined (note, I did need to add more flour as it seemed really running). Knead 4-6 minutes until elastic. Set aside and cover, I usually place mine on my preheating oven to add to the rise. Let rise for at least 10 minutes. Then shape and top to your desire!

Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 20-30 minutes.

Although I am dairy free, we are not vegan. So our buffalo chicken pizza was topped with Earth Grown Dairy Free Ranch, Daiya Cheese, Aldi’s Organic Chicken, and Organic bacon from North Country Smokehouse. My partner and I try our hardest to ensure we eat the best ingredients possible, so we shop organic as much as possible. Let’s just say, even he was impressed by the pizza!

Please note, this post is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. I’m just sharing some of my favorite finds.

I’ve tried a lot of gluten and dairy free items and have found, when possible to made in home, I enjoy it more. Better control of ingredients and an understanding of the process. Most store-bought gluten free crusts just don’t seem to have the loft of a traditional pizza crust. This recipe allowed for a more traditional taste. As far as dairy free cheeses, I’m still not convinced it is my favorite solution, but I have found that Daiya makes the best for use on top of pizza.

So go ahead and eat your hearts out, because pizza can be free of gluten and dairy.

Until we bake again,

Gracie Love

Eat your heart out

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