Hi, I’m Gracie Love

Who is Gracie Love?

Well that’s me!

I have many years of experience as a crafter, and owe much of my creativity to my mother. As a child, my mom ensured that every Christmas I received an art supply kit and in return I ensured that every gift she received was made by me. As an adult, my mom still receives handmade gifts from me (and I hope that my skills have significantly improved!).

As a creator, my credentials are supported on paper with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Miami University of Ohio. I graduated in 2013 and moved to Florida to pursue a studio practice in pottery. I’ve held a variety of jobs that have always assisted my art making. From waiting tables to stocking grocery store shelves, if there is a will there is certainly a way to make art in my life. After a few years as a studio potter in Pennsylvania, I eventually relocated for a full time position in the arts sector located in the Great Smoky Mountains. My current position has given me the opportunity to learn a variety of craft forms from weaving to jewelry and so much more.

I look forward to creating with you

Gracie Love

Examples of art by Gracie Love

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