Let’s Get Crafty!

With the pandemic reality finally settling in, and staying home or at a distance has become my new norm, I wanted to find a way to connect and create. As a maker of all mediums (there’s not much I haven’t tried) I knew the best way for me to share my talent was to create a craft blog. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Not another craft blog!” But never fear, this blog is intended to teach you a variety of crafts and more importantly create a community of creators.

As so many of us are stuck in our homes, why not take the time to step outside your comfort zone. Or maybe step back inside your comfort zone. Gracie Love Creates will present projects focused around themes, home and holiday decor, and most importantly crafts for you. As a multi-media maker, I want to be able to share a variety of different mediums with you. And never fear, if you’ve never stepped into crafting territory, there will be projects you can do too!

So be prepared to get crafty with Gracie Love Creates.

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