First things First

What better way to start a craft blog than by creating an initial banner?!

See what I did there…

Recently moved into your dorm room? Or need to spice up your zoom decor? Look no further. Today’s post will teach you how to create an easy to hang banner with supplies you may already have around the house. If you need to purchase any materials, this project is also low in cost.

I used a simple flour sack hand towel but you can always used a pattern fabric you might have in your stash.

To start, gather these supplies:

>Dowel rod or stick
>Yarn or embroidery floss
>Needle and thread
>Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step One:

Use two pieces of fabric and cut into a banner shape of your choice. Mine was approximately 11.5″ wide by 16″.

Use a simple running stitch to hand sew the fabric together, leave the top open.

Step Two:

After securing the sewing, reverse the fabric and press with an iron.

Step Three:

Select your felt color and initial to adorn your banner.

I used a “G” shape I had and traced it on the felt with sharpie. You can print out a letter form you like and trace onto your felt. Be mindful that you will need to cut inside the sharpie if you trace your letter.

Cut your letter in preparation for sewing!

Step Four:

Work smarter and not harder, that’s one of my favorite motos.

Hot glue your felt letter on to your banner. This will make it a little easier to add your embellishments.

Tip: you do not need a lot of hot glue, just enough to secure your letter!

Step Five:

Choose a color of embroidery floss to sew your felt letter on. I used a simple running stitch and chose a contrasting pink to make the stitching pop!

Tip: Practice sewing on a scrap sheet of felt. Don’t forget your can also map out your stitches on a piece of paper before committing to the pattern on your banner.

Step Six:

Make your own tassel!

I wanted to jazz up my banner with a tassel at the bottom point. Make as many as you want to add to your banner.

Cut a piece of cardboard the approximate size you want your tassel length. Wrap embroidery floss around the cardboard. To speed up the process, wrap more than one string at a time. I chose three shades of pink to give my tassel more dimension.

Cut a piece of string to secure the top part of the tassel. Then cut and tie around the tassel to secure your strings. Cut the bottom strings off the cardboard. Wrap more string around your tie for a sturdier look.

Step Seven:

Sew the tassel to the bottom. Or hot glue it if you aren’t confident in your sewing skills.

I’m a big fan of hot glue because it makes certain tasks a lot easier. Just be careful not to burn your fingers!

Take your dowel rod and hot glue and roll the top of the banner. Jazz up your dowel rod by painting and letting it dry ahead of time. I chose to paint my silver for a more finished look.

Tie string to the top and your piece is ready to hang!

Decorate your space, make a nursery gift, or even add words to create your own mantra banner.

I hope that you enjoy our initial project. The best part about this banner is that you can change it to suite your needs. Want to add more letters or maybe a phrase? The basic skills above can assist you in creating a banner to update any space.

My banner is now hanging in my office at work, it’s a reminder to pause and take time for myself.

Looking to make your own banner or have any questions?!

Reach out to me or share your finished project on my facebook page or instagram (@gracielovecreates) and use #creatingwithgracielove.

Thanks for creating with me, I look forward to our next project.

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